Wed. Mar 29th, 2023

With the way Doordash is going I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes a thing in 2023

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Get $10 when you download Solo and link your active gig work account(s) in the Solo app! Connected accounts must have a minimum of one previous job, be using the latest version of the app, and have a connected payout method (Venmo or Paypal) to qualify for the Moore Finance X Solo sign-up bonus. Bonus is only valid for US-based gig workers. amounts are subject to change.

When will Moore Finance subs get paid?
Didn't receive your bonus right away? Don't worry—Moore Finance X Solo sign-up bonuses will be processed every Tuesday for the previous week (Monday-Sunday). As long as you have your Venmo or Paypal connected to your Solo Wallet, Solo will send the bonus owed as soon as Solo verifies you have linked your active gig work accounts. Bonus amounts are subject to change.

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